Tests and analysis

In the below list you will find a large number of the tests that Prodin can offer you.

If the test you are looking for is not mentioned in our list or if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

Sample preparations

Injection moulding of ISO  test specimens per 25 pieces
Homogenisation, washing, drying, grinding, shredding etc.

Mechanical tests

Tensile test (Strength, E-Modulus, Maximum Strain) ISO 527-2/1A
Three-point bending flexural test ISO 178
Charpy Notched Impact Strength +23°C, -20°C, -30°C ISO 179-1 1eA
Charpy Unnotched Impact Strength +23°C, -20°C, -30°C ISO 179-1 1eU
Izod Notched Impact Strength +23°C, -20°C, -30°C ISO 180 1A
Izod Unnotched Impact Strength +23°C, -20°C, -30°C ISO 180 1U

Thermal tests

DSC – Differential Scanning Calorimetry ISO 11357
Oxidation Induction Time – Isothermal OIT ISO 11357-6
Oxidation Induction Temperature – Dynamic OIT ISO 11357-6
TGA – Thermogravimetry ISO 11358
HDT/A – Heat Deflection Temperature ISO 75
HDT/B – Heat Deflection Temperature ISO 75
VICAT-VST/A – Softening Temperature ISO 306
VICAT-VST/B – Softening Temperature ISO 306

Rheological tests

Melt Flow Index – MFI (MVR&MFR) ISO 1133
Rheological study – Cone/Plate or  Plate/Plate rheometer
Rheological study – Capillary rheometer

Physical tests

Density ISO 1183-1A
Residual moisture content (halogen)
Ash content ISO 3451-1A
Hardness – Shore A ISO 7619-1
Hardness – Shore D ISO 7619-1

Optical tests

XRF -X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
FTIR – infrared spectrometry
Colour measurement